Indonesia vs Netherlands
GBK, 7 Juni 2013
  • KNVB, Overeenkomst Nederland en Indonesie
  • KNVB, Overeenkomst Nederland en Indonesie
  • KNVB, Overeenkomst Nederland en Indonesie
  • KNVB, Overeenkomst Nederland en Indonesie
  • KNVB, Overeenkomst Nederland en Indonesie
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About this project...

football match

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LOGO match day

KNVB, the Royal Netherlands Football Association, is delighted to announce that the Netherlands team will play the national team of Indonesia. The friendly match will take place on Friday June 7 in Jakarta. Representatives of Nine Sports (partner of the Indonesian FA) and KNVB signed the contract, that units both parties within the lines of the pitch.

National team manager Louis van Gaal about the trip to Indonesia: “We know that our national team and their players enjoy fantastic support in Indonesia and we are looking forward to bringing Oranje closer to these loyal fans and experience Indonesia’s rich heritage and culture. After all there is a historical bond between our two countries, which makes this visit even more special.”

Apart from playing the friendly, KNVB intend to support the Indonesian football community as well. Jean Paul Decossaux, commercial director of KNVB: “We would like to share our know how and experience in football with Indonesia. Therefore a special program will be designed, which will help the Indonesian FA to develop their football knowledge and structure.”

Arif Wicaksono, CEO of Nine Sport: “We choose to invite the Netherlands National team because of three things. First, the world is now entranced by Tiki Taka, which originally came from Holland. Total football was first used by Ajax in 1969 and later on adapted by the Dutch National Team in 1974. Secondly, the historical background will make a very electrifying atmosphere. And lastly, as we are going to officially register this match with FIFA, this friendly could boost Indonesia in FIFA rankings.”

The match, which is the first encounter between both countries ever, will be organized and promoted in Indonesia in conjunction with Nine Sports, the partner of PSSI (Persatuan Sepakbola Seluruh Indonesia, the Indonesian FA).

[KNVB - Royal Netherlands Football Association]


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